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Enduro groot

Enduro consoleboat

Nordkapp has three Enduro models from 17 to 25 feet. Common to all three is that they can be categorized as "completely", an open boat with the control console in the Middle ship. The concept is suitable for anyone who wants a day touring boat that is simple and quick to use.


Enduro 605

Enduro 605 is the first model in an entirely new design line from Nordkapp. It has already received several awards in the past year and not without justification. Enduro 605 will give you what you're looking for in the summer. Speed, power and no problems. Like its little brother the 550, the Enduro 605 has a practical solution for both sun bed and canopy. A boat with refined details that are guaranteed to attract attention when you moor along the islands this summer. The wide beam gives you extra room for what you need to bring on your trip.

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Enduro605ranger 3

Enduro 605 R

This is a complete boat with very high equipment level. The robust hull and the functional fiberglass covered combines the best of two different worlds. Avant 605 R is the perfect boat for you that will have a tough and functional boat that can be used all year round.

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Enduro 705

We are not surprised if some people call our most recent Nordkapp Enduro 705 a hybrid. Itself, we want to call it a sports car, also thanks to the Deep V of 23 degrees. This concept comprises several needs between the typical water sports boat and its big brother Enduro 760. The Enduro 705 is built according to the same, award-winning features of the Enduro 605.

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Enduro Ranger 705

Enduro 705 R

R-Serie is the collective name of the series from Nordkapp where the hull is made of aluminium. The first two boats were launched in november 2015, and the series is expected to be extended with additional 3 new models during the 2016. The R-Series consists of a combination of aluminum and fiberglass.. The result is a sporty boat with robust properties.

This is the third model in the renowned R-Serie-concept of Nordkapp. This is the boat that gives you a smile if you see a golf ..

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Enduro 805

The Enduro 805 is just as well suited for tours, fishing as water sports. The hull of this boat is adapted for more speed and challenges. It is very seaworthy.

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